Dj Spider Mista Jam Show

Since the beginning of his career, DJ Spider has worked tirelessly to perfect his craft and build upon a never-ending musical library that spans every dance-able genre. A virtual tour de force on the international club and special event circuit, DJ Spider has been playing the world’s premiere venues on almost every continent since 2006. Spider’s many clients include HBO, 20th Century Fox, Amazon, MTV, Netflix, Hulu, Zumiez, and The Weinstein Company, while he’s regularly asked to play high-profile gigs and after parties at the Sundance Film Festival, the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, Victoria’s Secret, the Playboy Mansion, and the Superbowl, among others.

 “It’s not a job or a hobby for me. DJing is like breathing. I have to do it.” DJ Spider

Today, DJ Spider holds countless club residencies at some of the most premier venues in the United States. He is also fresh off a North America tour spanning over 50 cities as support for the legendary Blink-182.  When not bringing the house down in big rooms at home and abroad, he can be found performing frequently at major events and premiers for the likes of Netflix, Amazon, E! Entertainment, Nike, Pandora, X-Games, and more, while producing original music and remixes in his spare time. Despite his crazy schedule, he still finds time to rock the home crowd in venues across Hollywood, where his eclectic sets have become legendary.

There are few DJs that are as sought after as DJ Spider. Between countless high profile performances across the globe, to being asked to go on tour with the legendary Blink-182, it’s clear to see this DJ has no intention of loosening his overwhelming grip on this ever growing industry.

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